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    Black Friday for the Conscious Consumer

    Who doesn’t love a good deal? I sure do! So, days like Black Friday has me on a roller coaster of emotions ranging from delight to disgust. Days like Black Friday, it can be hard to be a conscious shopper.

    On the one end, I am extremely happy that some of my wishlist items can finally be MINE but there is the fact of overconsumption. We tend to use black Friday as an excuse to get ALL. THE. THINGS. That would later end up in the trash.

    It can be easy to lose your head and become overwhelmed. To help you navigate the madness that is Black Friday, I’ve compiled a few tips to help you put this Black Friday. 


    1. Follow them on social media

    What is the fastest way that news spreads nowadays? Social media, of course! I follow all of my favourite brands on social media - it helps keep me updated with the latest deals and news. So, get following those Instagram and Facebook accounts to make sure that you snag the latest deals from your favourite brand. 

    2. Sign up, sign up! Get your news here!

    Like surprises? Me too! I can’t tell you how many times I found some amazing deals in the newsletters of my favourite brands. Newsletters are a great way to get access to discount codes or gifts first. Newsletters are basically the VIPs of marketing. So, get on that list!

    3. Purchasing from ethical or eco-friendly brands

    Although, Black Friday is considered a manifestation of mass consumerism with people spending way too much money on unnecessary things that they don’t really need. Black Friday can also be there for the conscious consumer to buy ethical and sustainable goods that may be out of their budget on a normal day.

    Being mindful of your purchases and still scoring a good deal is a win by my standards. So, bookmark those ethical brands that you’ve been eyeing and you might score something amazing that align with your values.

    4. Do I really need this?

    Once, you’ve turned on all the notifications, it’s time to go through what you actually need. Start by making a list of all the items that you need and want in your home right now. Weigh the pros and cons of what you actually need versus what you want. Once you have everything you need down look at what you want - why do you want that particular product and what purpose is it going to serve?

    5. Bookmark it!

    Black Friday Sales are notorious for running out of stock rather quickly! Find all the items you have decided to purchase, see if they are running a special if they are - bookmark that page before Black Friday. If you’re prepared, chances are you won’t waste buying what you don’t need.

    6. Create a budget

    Having a look at the specials being advertised for the upcoming Black Friday - you know your budget. You know where you need to draw the line. Set yourself a budget for that day and stick to it. Discipline yourself. Align the list of items that you need with the budget that you have and stick to it.

    7. Keep the proof

    We’re human and yes, there might be some highly questionable buys that will most likely happen. Impulses happen to the best of us, trust me. That is why it is so important to keep your receipts for this exact scenario, buyers regret is a real thing and it is also really good to know where you are spending your money and what you are being taxed for.

    Are you ready for this Black Friday? What savvy things do you do to prepare for Black Friday?