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    Finding Your Skin Undertone: A Short Guide for Hijabis

    I don’t look good in this color”, “this color washes me out”… Raise your hand if you have pronounced these words at least once in your life! Honey, we totally get you, but here is some good news: we have the answer to why exactly you feel that way and we are going to share our secret with you (spoiler alert: it actually has more to do with science than the way you perceive yourself).

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    Now you might be thinking: “Undertones? What is that?”

     We all know if our skin is light, fair, medium or dark, but we tend to be little aware of our undertones, which refer to the hues within our skin tones. See how your skin changes throughout the year? That is your skin tone. However, your undertone never changes: that is why people with the same skin tone will not necessarily look the same.

     Identifying undertones has become an essential step in the fashion and beauty space as it can truly make or break a look. The science behind this is based on the use of the color wheel and the fact not all color matches look pleasing to the human eye. As a result, some shades will not be as flattering on you as others. See, you might have been right all along by avoiding wearing certain colors!

    Okay but how do I find MY undertone?

    Good question and again, we got you covered! First, know that there are three types of undertones: warm, cool, and neutral.

    • Warm undertones include golden, yellow, or peachy undertones.
    • Cool undertones include pink, red, or blueish undertones.
    • Finally, neutral undertones are a mix of both.

     From these descriptions, you might be able to guess what your undertone is, but just to make sure you nail this, here are a few practical tips:

    1. Check the color of your veins: if your veins appear blue or purple, then you have cool undertones. If they look green/olive, you have warm undertones. Neutral is a mix between green and blue!
    2. Check how your skin reacts to sun exposure: we mentioned previously that two people with the same skin tone can have very different reactions. If you get really red or get sunburnt easily, you have cool undertones. If you tan easily, you are warm. If you get sunburnt and then get a nice tan, you're likely a neutral undertone! 


     Now that you know what your undertone is, it is time to identify the color palette that best matches it - we even made a little selection of Honey Hijabs just for you!


    If you have a cool undertones, you will look amazing in cooler shades such as light greys and blues like our Steel Blue Satin hijab, a neutral like our Vanilla Satin hijab and taupe Jersey hijabs, but also soft pinks and purples like our Bold and Beautiful¨ or our Violet Fairytale hijabs. If you are not really into colors, do not worry: black hijabs like our Ebony Satin hijab will compliment your skin tone just as well. 

    steel blue satin hijab vanilla satin hijab mauve jewel hijab floral print chiffon  violet fairytale hijab ebony satin hijab

    Cool undertone color palette (click on picture to add to cart) 



    If your undertone is warm, bright vivid colors such as the orange and yellow you see on our Spring Bloom Hijab are the ones to go for! Deep reds like our Opulent Hearts Hijab and green hues like our and Olive Satin Hijab are also a great match, however, if you prefer neutral colors, we recommend warm beiges like our Toffee Satin Hijab and black with a twist like our Starry Night Crystal Edge Hijab to compliment your skin tone perfectly!

    floral print spring bloom chiffon hijab opulent hearts jewel satin  hijab olive satin hijab toffee satin hijab starry night black crystal chiffon hijab

    Warm undertone color palette (click on picture to add to cart)

    Finally, if you are a NEUTRAL UNDERTONE girl, both warm and cool colors will look good on you and you can get away with wearing anything – lucky you!

     Let us know if you found this article helpful 💜