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    Welcome to Honey Hijabs!

    Salams gorgeous!
    Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

    Welcome to my humble hijab haven, where I hope to share my experiences, favourites and everything in between with you lovelies.
    I started Honey Hijabs almost a year ago, with a case of jewels and a few hijabs, sewing away at night and working as a primary teacher during the day. I have always been obsessed with making things pretty (and education!), and my hijab was no exception. I have been wearing the hijab for as long as I can remember, and it's an important part of my identity. I could never find a hijab that reflected my personality, except through colours and fabric. But I wanted more, I wanted some sparkle.

    This journey began during my high school days, where I would embellish my under caps with jewels and beads. And as I grew older, I could never find a hijab that I envisioned, I would always have to accessorize it myself with necklaces and pins. Eventually, I got over that and I wanted to find a way to tastefully embellish hijabs.

    That is how Honey Hijabs was born.

    My vision is to create a mid - luxe hijab line, with embellishments designed to evoke a certain feel. The designs that I create are inspired by Muslim women that have inspired me in some profound way. I try to encapsulate their beauty in a simple jewelled design and name my collections after them. I can only attempt to capture a fraction of their essence and hope to share it with other Muslim women. Each hijab is given personal attention and due diligence before it's ready for a new home. I want you to feel beautiful and empowered within yourself and in your hijab. I want you to sparkle with faith, unapologetically.

    I hope to share this space with other Muslim women to learn, grow and connect. Blog post contributions are always welcome.