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Women in Islam: Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (R.A)

A woman’s impact is felt everywhere. Women are intelligent, powerful and inspirational. They are the pioneers in some of the most life-changing things in this world, it’s only right that we want to be them. Women in Islam is a blog series that will focus on inspiring women in Islam. Women who are the pioneers, the go-getters and the life changers. First off, we’ll look at Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (R.A) - the greatest woman of Islam. She is considered one of the 4 women who had perfected their faith and given the glad tidings of paradise.  Khadijah (R.A) was the first to pray, first to be taught  wudhu, first to support our Beloved ﷺ when everyone rejected him, the first...

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Black Friday for the Conscious Consumer

Who doesn’t love a good deal? I sure do! So, days like Black Friday has me on a roller coaster of emotions ranging from delight to disgust. Days like Black Friday, it can be hard to be a conscious shopper. On the one end, I am extremely happy that some of my wishlist items can finally be MINE but there is the fact of overconsumption. We tend to use black Friday as an excuse to get ALL. THE. THINGS. That would later end up in the trash. It can be easy to lose your head and become overwhelmed. To help you navigate the madness that is Black Friday, I’ve compiled a few tips to help you put this Black Friday. ...

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Reflections from the MEA Conference 2019

Oh em gee, what a day! It was jam packed with great speakers, delicious food and wonderful supportive women.  I learned so much from everyone there, speakers and attendees. Usually I get nervous meeting new people, but everyone there was nice and supportive. I just loved being there! The first speaker of the day was Jameelah @Iamjamgamble. She was so funny  and captivating and I didn’t get to take a lot of notes because I was just in awe of her.  I loved  her outfit, her style and all of her energy.  Find your voice and use it to make a difference Not everyone deserves your energy Don’t let the noise of other peoples opinions drown out your inner voice...

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Fall/Winter Trends That Are Anything But Boring

Fall has approached us rather quickly which means more warm cuppas, pumpkin picking and long nights snuggled with a good movie. And, the perfect excuse to switch up our winter wardrobe! Millennial purple Fall can be drab, cold and dark and that is why it is important to spruce up your look this winter with a pop of colour. Looking back at 2019 fall fashion week, I fell in love with millennial purple. It’s a pop of colour that stands out from all the hues fall is wrapped up in and can easily add some sparkle to your outfit. Whether you are dressed head to toe in millennial purple or you just touch it up with an accessory, you can’t...

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Hajj Prep 2019

  As salamu alaykum, May peace and blessings be with you. As the days of Dhul Hijjah draw upon us, many of us will be preparing for Hajj. For most of us, this will be our first time, and you're probably feeling all sorts of emotions! So where do I start? What do I bring? What do I do? Am I ready?   It can be overwhelming, and you're not alone. I have compiled a list to help myself and you to prepare and get organized! Let’s get started!  1. NIYAH! Being called for Hajj is an invitation from Allah (swt), it's a great honour and it's always good to keep our intentions pure.  Always check-in with your Niyah (intention) and ensure your...

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